Unguis Premium Fly Kick Mat Shoes for Martial Artists

The Unguis Premium Fly Kick Mat Shoes were developed by martial artists for martial artists in house. We have spent years developing a premium shoe for martial artists to make things healthier, safer and cleaner (and darn cool if we may say so ourselves).

P360 Pivot Point for Smooth Rotation
30-Piece 3D Printed Anti-skid Composite Sole for Maximum Flexibility & Comfort
Tight Weave Knit Around the Ankle for Stability
Quiknit Technology for Maximum Breathability & Stability
3D Toe Guard to Stop Blowouts
3D Matte Print where Most Needed to Provide Firmness & Support
Extended Heel for Added Support & Stability
Overlock Cover Stitch for Seamless Feel on the Inside; Wear With or Without a Shoe Insert

1XL - Size 13-15 mens
Large - Size 11-13 mens
Medium - Size 9-11 mens
Small - Size 7-9 mens
Youth Large - Size 5-7 mens
Youth Medium - Size 3-5 mens

The shoes will stretch and form to the shape of your foot if not right away, after a few workouts. 

For sizes close to or inbetween you can go up or down a size depending on how tight you would like it to fit. 

Unguis Premium Fly Kick Mat Shoes for Martial Artists

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