About Us

Mission and Goal:

With connections all over the world and a talented product development team means there is nothing we can't create or improve upon. Our goal is to take things martial artists have used forever and make them better, and to create new products for specialized training. We want to take martial arts into the future with more specialized training tools and equipment that brings the zoom classes at home to another level. 

Sparring Sports history and story:

Sparring Sports is a trademarked Martial Arts product brand established in March 2020. With the intention to be released later on that year, Sparring Sports decided to take its, at the time, limited product line to the market early to help out some of the local martial arts studios get through the COVID pandemic. Located in Olathe, KS a business oriented suburb of KC, Sparring Sports started pairing with local studios to help cut the cost of the studio while collecting valuable feedback to improve our products. Our continued research, feedback, and team of product specialists work together as we continue to innovate martial arts products into the future. 

Staff and Culture:

A young staff of former college athletes and established martial artists helps create a fun and family culture. We believe the chemistry of our employees bleeds into our work that our customers can feel when doing business with us. The combination of athletes and martial artists working together creates a new perspective on the industry. This perspective allows us to constantly innovate and question why things are done in a certain way so that we can find a way to improve upon it.